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Effectively dealing with wounds is a demanding area of medicine, as different wound types demand different treatments and dressings. In recent years, the use of foam in wound dressings has increased significantly as a result of new advances in the processing and converting of these remarkable materials. This offer benefits on many levels in terms of protection and effective handling of exudates.

At the forefront of technical and medical foam conversion techniques, we produce a wide range of innovative and effective wound dressing solutions. These are developed to treat a wide range of injuries, including abrasions, burns, skin grafts and serious trauma. These include:

  • Hydrophilic dressings
  • PVA foams
  • Highly advanced negative pressure wound dressings

Hydrophilic dressings

Designed and produced for specific applications where a moist environment is required, we produce medical grade hydrophilic foam solutions in a wide range of sizes and densities.

As a leading manufacturer in this field, we supply an extensive selection of hydrophilic foam grades, which provide optimal comfort, protection, oxygen permeability and exudate absorption. Totally latex-free, non-adhering and non-linting, we also manufacture composite hydrophilic solutions with additional anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties.

PVA wound dressing foams

More rigid than polyurethane (PU), PVA foams’ unique ability to harden on drying is ideal for promoting healing for open and weeping wounds, removing exudates in a safe and effective way.

Flexible and absorbent when moist, PVA foams become rigid and non-adherent on drying, enabling caregivers to easily remove and change dressings without re-opening the wound.

The positives of negative pressure dressings

A relatively new sphere of wound treatment is that of negative pressure dressings, an area in which our superior engineering and technical capabilities are brought to the fore.

Produced in open-cell medical grade reticulated PU foam, our range of negative pressure wound dressings has produced outstanding results in the treatment of both acute and chronic open wounds.

Extremely hydrophobic in nature, these foams remove exudate and bacteria while the negative pressure system stimulates blood supply and cell growth to help speed up healing.

Highly effective in the treatment of a wide variety of wounds such as ulcers, skin grafts, pressure sores, trauma, and burns, we supply negative pressure dressing foams in a range of pore sizes and densities to ensure optimal and uniform pressure across the site of the wound. Highly flexible, these foams can be compressed to half their original size, drawing together the wound edges and further assisting healing.

Creating the ideal environment

As the recognised UK-based leader in engineering-biased foam conversion, we not only offer the widest range of wound dressing solutions, we also have all the necessary and stringent protocols in place for handling medical grade foams at our state-of-the art facilities. In addition, we have close links with an accredited sterilisation provider.

With an established customer base in the wound dressing sector, we understand the high specifications required and can work with you to develop and produce bespoke wound dressing foam solutions to meet your precise requirements.

Contact our technical team to discuss your individual wound dressing foam requirements.

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