Ultra Thin Foam Pads

Bigger is not always better! In terms of foam, there are certain applications where ultra-thin compressed foams are far superior to more voluminous materials – particularly when accurate absorption, pore size, density, liquid handling and distribution, and air permeability are of paramount importance.

As the recognised UK-based leader in converting highly engineered ultra-thin foams, we supply ultra-thin foam solutions to meet the individual needs of our customers around the world, offering the widest range of the most technically advanced materials, processed and precision engineered to fulfil each and every client’s bespoke requirements.

Compact performance

Produced from compressed polyurethane (PU) foam, our expansive ranges of ultra-thin foams incorporate unique characteristics and superior performance in terms of:

  • Narrow tolerance limits – the ultra-thin, high density properties produce extremely narrow tolerance limits which enable a far superior level of precision.
  • Adjustable levels of rigidity, shore, tensile and laminar strength – with an expansive inventory of ultra-thin foams and superb relationships with the world’s leading raw material suppliers, we can supply ultra-thin foams tailored to meet each precise application.
  • Homogenous pore size structure – to guarantee uniform and even filtration and liquid distribution across a wide range of applications such as in ink rollerspads and stamps.

Cutting-edge technology

As the leader in this field, we not only offer our customers the widest choice of ultra-thin foam materials, we also have processing capabilities that are second to none.

Available in roll or slabs, we can produce ultra-thin foam solutions in an unrivalled array of shapes, sizes and composite forms at our state-of-the-art UK conversion facilities. We can die-cut and CNC cut ultra-thin foams to create even the most intricate of shapes to meet your exact specifications. With an in-house engineering team, we can also produce bespoke tooling designed for your unique requirements.

We are also able to offer an expansive range of finishes and composite ultra-thin solutions across the spectrum of requirements from highly oil and water resistant coatings to hydrophilic foams, all designed and developed to fulfil your specific needs.

A complete solution

As an established and trusted supplier of innovative and bespoke ultra-thin foam solutions to customers around the world, including many global brands, we offer a complete solution.

Providing a bespoke service to every client, we work in partnership with our customers to specify the ideal ultra-thin foam grade for their needs before our engineering team gets to work on developing and producing custom tools to create these precision products that are 100% fit for purpose.

With conversion facilities that are second to none and written protocols for processing specialist foam solutions in completely contaminant-free environments, we pride ourselves on the supreme quality and level of service that we provide.

We don’t believe in problems, only challenges, which is why we relish the opportunity to work with customers at every stage of their new foam products.

To find out more about our extensive ultra-thin foam ranges and to discuss your individual requirements, contact our technical team.

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