UL94 Foams

In many environments, particularly in industrial applications, fire retardancy is a major consideration and any foam solution installed needs to comply with all of the necessary fire standards and regulations.

As the recognised leader in precision engineered foam solutions for a vast range of industrial and domestic environments, we offer a wide range of products in fire retardant materials to meet the UL94 specifications, which cover many sectors, particularly the automotive and HVAC industries.

Generally produced in open-cell polyurethane (PU) materials in a wide range of densities and pore sizes, our low-flammable UL94 foam solutions include:

UL94 acoustic solutions

In order to meet the industry standard in the automotive and HVAC sectors, we supply a vast range of fire retardant UL94 foams, specifically designed for acoustic applications.

We manufacture custom UL94 solutions for use in HVAC duct linings, engine housing, bus and train compressors, as well as car noise dampening products in an extensive range of densities – all of which offer a superior standard of UV, chemical and moisture resistance. With unrivalled engineering and production facilities, we also supply many composite forms. These include oil dispersing, heat reflecting, foil and film-based UL94 foams, as well as manufacturing solutions with self-adhesive backing and aluminium sheet inter-layers where required.

Filter foams

Produced in durable reticulated foam to ensure uniform pore size and consistent performance, our UL94 air, dust and engine filter foams are used in an array of industrial and domestic environments. They provide high-level performance and flame retardancy even in the harshest conditions.

Highly resistant to solvents, chemicals, temperature and UV, our UL94 filter foams offer continued and reliable performance across a spectrum of environments.

In the electronics sector, we also produce permanent dust and air filters for computers and other devices, all of which can be produced to comply with UL94 standards.

Seals and gaskets

Vital components in many automotive, HVAC and electrical applications, we produce UL94 fire retardant grade seals and gaskets in a vast selection of sizes, densities and materials to meet the demands, and the fire standards required. Highly resilient and resistant to a wide range of chemicals, solvents and heat, our UL94 foam solutions provide superior performance and fire protection across a multitude of sectors.

Melding performance with protection

We don’t believe in compromises. That’s why we offer a vast range of foam solutions in UL94 fire retardant materials, in order to provide our customers with the optimal performance and the necessary fire retardancy they require.

With a team of expert engineers – who love a challenge – we constantly develop new foam solutions for our clients where UL94 fire retardant foam is required. While at present the majority of our work with UL94 materials is in the automotive and HVAC sectors, fire retardancy is an important consideration in a plethora of other industries.

With the ability to produce bespoke tooling to manufacture the most intricate shapes and contours and over 400 foam grades in stock, contact our technical team to discuss your individual UL94 foam requirements.

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