Supersoft Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foams have been progressively developed in recent years, so that they have incredible softness coupled with excellent tear-strength. Features like this are very important, for applications such as Baby bathing sponges, face-mask seals etc.

The density of traditional polyurethane foams range from 14kg/m3 to 150kg/m3, but the new Supersoft PU foams start at 8kg/m3. The foam feels incredibly light, you can virtually blow on the surface and compress it! The foams tends to be pale in colour, such as pink, yellow, blue etc, which lends them to retail products.

Supersoft foams can be shaped, buffed, milled and CNC cut to virtually any design, but do require very fine-toothed tooling. Our engineering department has produced a range of aluminium based tools which ensure that whilst the large foam blocks are being shaped to the smaller finished part, the surface of the baby sponge or face seal is incredibly smooth.

We are always looking for new applications for such soft foams. They are often compared to Latex, which for many years has been the closest alternative to our new range, but our Supersoft polyurethane foams certainly have a far nicer feel when in contact with the skin, and are also much cheaper!

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