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Sponges are used in a vast array of cleaning activities, from gently washing a tiny baby to scrubbing the kitchen floor. We offer a staggering range of sponges in every imaginable shape and size, to fulfil every requirement.

From natural sea sponges for bathing to heavy-duty car and cleaning sponges made of tough cellulose, we supply and convert a vast range of sponge pore materials to suit every use and to meet any design specification.

Cellulose sponge and sponge pore foams

As we are recognised as the leading engineer-biased foam converter in the UK and beyond, we can produce an extensive range of shapes and have access to all the latest innovations in cellulose sponge materials.

We are only able to do this as a result of the close links we have forged with world’s leading foam block manufacturers, thus ensuring that we are always at the forefront of new developments. This also means that we have access to the most innovative and cutting-edge materials before many other converters.

Bringing new products to market

With the capability to design and develop conversion machinery to handle any form or size of sponge material, we are able to contour shape, buff, and profile sponges, and even laminate them to a nylon where required, to meet our customers’ bespoke requirements; we can also flow-wrap and retail pack cellulose sponges to your specifications.

To discuss your requirements or design ideas with our technical team, please contact us (we also welcome site visits from major retailers).

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