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With their open pore structure and soft texture, sponge pore foams are the perfect material for getting in a lather, in terms of soapsuds! From bathing baby to washing the dishes, they are ideal for a wide range of applications in the home where gentle but effective cleaning is essential.

As the leading UK-based independent producer of sponge pore foams, we produce the highest quality products in a rainbow of colours and in virtually any shape you like, to offer our customers sponges that not only perform but also look fantastic.

sponge pore foams

The widest choice

With close links with the leading foam block manufacturers, we have access to the widest selection of sponge pore raw materials available, which means that whether you are looking for the softest of bath sponges or a more resilient, denser washing up sponge, we are sure to have the right grade in stock to meet your exact needs.

Furthermore, with a huge inventory of sponge pore foams, the colour possibilities are almost endless. From vibrant yellow to pastel pink, we offer a choice that is second to none.

Adding a new dimension

While we offer the widest choice in sponge pore foam grades, densities and colours, what really sets us apart from other foam converters is what we can do with these materials.

We are recognised around the world as the leading UK-based engineering-biased foam converter and as such the range of possibilities we offer in shaping the sponge pore foam products we develop and manufacture is almost without limit. From simple rectangular or lozenge shaped products to 3D CNC cut shapes (ranging from pineapples to whales and everything in between), the only limit is your imagination.

With an in-house engineering department capable of producing custom tooling and machinery to produce the required shape, and state-of-the-art UK facilities the possibilities are endless.

As well as die cutting and CNC cutting, we are also able to contour, buff, and profile sponges, and where required laminate them to other materials to offer customers high performance, unique products in any shape they like.

Focused on your needs

With so many design possibilities, we work with each of our customers on an individual basis at every stage, from design and development through prototyping and production to delivery. Where desired we can even flow-wrap and retail package sponge pore foams for you, so they are ready to go straight on the shelf as soon as they arrive, taking care of every aspect of the manufacturing and supply chain on your behalf.

With many years’ experience supplying bespoke sponge pore foams to well-known brands and retailers in the UK, Europe and beyond, at Technical Foam Services we offer superior products and superior service every time. We also value our relationships with our clients, and, as a BRC-certified company, we welcome site visits from major retailers.

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