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Created by combining different polymers to produce materials with unique properties, polyvinyl (PVC) foams are widely used for applications in which moisture, temperature and solvent resistance are required.

These predominantly cover industrial applications, such as weather, dust and moisture seals, and insulation and filtration systems. They also cover a wide range of stationery products, such as ring binders and mouse pads.

As the leading engineering-biased UK-based foam manufacturer, we manufacture an expansive range of PVC foam products, developed for numerous applications.

Our main customer base currently specialises in the sealing and insulation industries, but we also supply both industrial and consumer PVC foam goods to the automotive, construction, electronics and stationery industries.

Unique properties, extensive opportunities

As a result of its unique properties, PVC foam offers an effective and flexible solution in terms of design possibilities, in which other foam grades would not fare as well.

For example, although the material is thermoset, it can still be thermoformed to create precision shaped products. Furthermore, while it is resistant to solvents, with the right expertise it is still possible to laminate PVC foams and bond them to adhesive backings.

PVC foams are inherently low-moisture absorbing. They’re temperature, rot and mould resistant. And they’re extremely durable, making them the materials of choice for products such as seals, insulation, and HVAC applications.

The widest choice

We manufacture finished goods in three main types of PVC, which are:

  • Quick recovery foams – where the material immediately recovers after compression
  • Slow recovery PVC foams – ideal for filling irregular surfaces
  • Extra Sticking grades – often used between sheets of glass to prevent breakage during transportation.

While many converters only offer PVC foams in black – the most common colour – we can also supply white, grey and brown options.

We are also able to supply PVC weldable foam in 2mm or 3mm thicknesses, which is widely used within the stationery market. Formerly produced by Duflex, which ceased production in 2007, we developed an equivalent foam in-house to cater to market demand – once again demonstrating our exceptional engineering capabilities.

A bespoke approach

With a strong focus on precision engineering, we develop PVC foam products that far surpass ‘standard’ goods, offering our customers superior performance in any given situation.

Produced on continuous rolls in thicknesses from 1mm to 35mm, the main density for PVC foam is 220kg/m³, but as specialist manufacturers, where required, we can supply foam in densities as low as 100kg/m³.

Although all of our PVC foams have an impressive working temperature of between -30 to 60 degrees C. Where needed, we can also supply high temperature resistant grades, which will withstand up to 100 degrees.

With such a wide variety of potential applications, it is impossible for us to list each and every one here. However, as we believe in taking a personal approach to each of our customers’ requirements, we’d welcome the opportunity to discuss your individual PVC foam needs with you in order to identify the most effective solution.

Insulation foam

Insulation foam is an alternative to traditional means of building insulation, such as fibreglass. The benefits of insulation foam are obvious; it significantly reduces energy costs by lowering utility bills, as studies show that, on average, 40% of a home’s energy escapes due to air infiltration through tiny gaps in walls, windows and doorways.

Insulating a building also reduces moisture, which will protect homes from the development of any mould or mildew, which can be harmful if allowed to grow – potentially causing rotting wood and allergic reactions.

As well as moisture and temperature control, by using insulation foam you can also enjoy reduced noise levels within a property, as it serves as a powerful shield against airborne sounds. Such are the environmental and economic benefits of insulation foam that many homes making use of it in the United States are rewarded by qualifying for state and federal tax reductions.

PVC foam sheets

We stock of range of PVC foam sheets that offer you unlimited options when searching for solutions in the print, display and sign industries. They are lightweight, versatile, fire retardant and durable, and their flawless finish makes them as aesthetically pleasing as they are practical.

PVC foam sheets can be altered and customised to make them ideal for use in a variety of industries. Anti-static PVC foam sheets are developed for the specific purpose of resisting static electricity, while gloss finish foam sheets are brilliantly versatile and can be transformed for use in a plethora of ways.

There are also solid PVC foam sheets that provide a large, smooth and glossy finished surface, which are perfect for both internal and external use. PVC foam sheets can also be used applied to great effect during the thermoforming and manufacturing of door panels.

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