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With our extensive experience in manufacturing and converting polyurethane foam, we can create a range of products to meet your specific needs and requirements. Polyurethane foam is a versatile material, more resistant to oxidation and other ageing than rubber or latex foam, and as a result, is suited to a wide range of potential uses.



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As a leading UK converter of polyurethane foam, we have experience in manufacturing PU foam products for a wide range of industries. Whether you need flexible or rigid polyurethane foam, we offer a broad choice of grades, compositions and thicknesses that can be developed into completely bespoke foam solutions for your business.

In-house engineering teams use state-of-the-art laser and die cutting techniques to transform uncut foam sheets into whatever your needs require. From egg crate foam panels to medical-grade heat and moisture exchange foams, our in-depth understanding of different foam grades and densities means we are always able to recommend the best option for your requirements.

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Is polyurethane foam durable?

The impressive durability of PU foams is just one of the reasons why this type of foam is such a popular choice. Polyurethane foam is lightweight, versatile and cost-efficient, as well as boasting greater durability than many other materials.

There are two main categories offered by polyurethane foam suppliers: polyester foam and polyether foam. Different grades and flexibilities of these foams can be used to meet different needs, but each is capable of maintaining a high quality over periods of extended use.

As a result of their hard-wearing potential and ability to withstand the effects of water ingress and air circulation, polyurethane foams are ideal for use in long-life items like sofa fillings, car seats and mattresses.

What is flexible polyurethane foam?

Flexible polyurethane foams are indispensable in everyday life, and it’s flexible, open-cell PU foam that’s typically used in seat padding and mattresses.

More lightweight flexible polyurethane can be used for the specialist medical foams found in breathing and anaesthetic equipment, as well as in hypersoft foams that are perfect for cosmetic items and baby sponges.

Flexible PU foam is also perfect for use in microphone windshields, where open-cell foam can offer wind noise attenuation and moisture resistance while keeping high-frequency sound loss to a minimum.

The hydrophilic properties of an open-cell, flexible polyurethane foams make them ideal for specialised use, and we manufacture densities from as low as 30kg/m3 up to 150kg/m3, in porosities spanning 60ppi to 150ppi.

Is polyurethane foam the same as memory foam?

The main material used in memory foam is polyurethane foam, which is processed with additional chemicals to ensure that it has the right amount of viscosity and density to serve the intended purpose. Other names for memory foam include viscoelastic polyurethane foam and low-resistance polyurethane foam.

Memory foam is a type of PU foam which is sensitive to pressure and temperature, and is used in mattresses and pillows to mould to the shape of the user’s body. After compression, this type of foam can quickly recover its original, un-moulded shape.

As one of the UK’s leading PU foam suppliers, we offer more than 20 densities and rigidity levels of memory foam, all created using expertly engineered polyurethane foam as the base.


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The client wanted a partner in the UK that met all of their performance requirements. We buy all the foam they need from manufacturers and suppliers around the world, giving them access to global materials though a single point of contact.




We transferred all our foam business to TFS much quicker than originally anticipated. Since then they have continued to prove themselves as a first-class supplier of quality polishing and compounding foam pads.

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