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Polyethylene foam is a lightweight closed-cell foam that offers resilience and durability as well as being flexible enough to suit many bespoke applications. Its cross-linked formula makes it strong and resistant to wear and tear, whilst its closed-cell formation gives it additional characteristics that range from buoyancy to insulation.

We are now also offering a bio-based polyethylene foam which is formed from a mix of renewable and bio-based components.



Popular Applications

  • Automotive components – where thermoformed parts are required
  • Consumer goods – ranging from swimming aids for children, right through to marine applications
  • Protective packaging – including industrial packaging, due to it’s lightweight yet durable properties
  • Sports equipment – including protective foam padding

What We Offer

As a leading UK converter of polyethylene foam, we have experience in manufacturing PE foam products for a wide range of industries. Whether you need bespoke, thermoformed pieces or resilient, shock absorbing packaging, we offer polyethylene foam conversion that can be developed into tailored solutions for your business.

Our specialist foam engineers stay on the cutting edge of foam manufacturing and technology. That’s why we’re proud to offer an innovative PE foam that is sourced from bio-based and renewable resources.

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We’re not just manufacturers – we offer support and guidance with bespoke foam design and development.

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What is polyethylene foam?

Polyethylene (PE) foam is a lightweight yet durable material. PE foam has a closed-cell structure, meaning it is formed from tiny bubbles which are closed off from each other. This structure gives the foam its buoyancy, as well as making it ideal for shock absorption, cushioning and even insulation uses.

What is crosslinked polyethylene foam?

Polyethylene foam comes in either physically or chemically cross-linked versions. Physically crosslinked PE foam has naturally occurring bonds, whereas chemically crosslinked polyethylene has bonds that form under heat or pressure. Chemical crosslinking tends to offer a foam with increased strength and durability.

Is PE foam waterproof?

The closed-cell structure of polyethylene foam makes it moisture resistant and non-absorbent. However, only high-density variations of PE will be waterproof.

Is PE foam flammable?

The heat resistance of polyethylene foam often depends on its density, as well as whether it has been treated to be flame retardant or not. Generally speaking, lower density PE foam is more flammable than high density PE foam.

Bio-based polyethylene foam

Polyethylene is typically a purely petrochemical-based material. However, we are now offering a bio-based polyethylene foam which is made from only 50% petrochemicals. The other 50% of the bio-based PE foam’s materials come from renewable resources (with 30% of it being purely bio-based carbon material).

Because of the reduction in the petrochemicals that are used as some of the base ingredients for the foam, there is a reduction in harmful and toxic materials in the end material that can contribute to pollution.

The bio-based carbon used in this foam is sourced from renewable biomatter that does not meet the grade for food and feed production.


Case study: Padprop

We were able to advise on which materials would suit them best, buying the foam they need from manufacturers and suppliers around the world. This gave the Padprop team access to global materials though a single point of contact.




Working with Technical Foam Services met all my expectations. They clearly have a really good knowledge of the global foam industry, and were prepared to listen to my hopes and correlate these with what was actually achievable, both in terms of quality and within budget.

Aaron - Padprop

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