Polishing Foams

Reticulated polyurethane, pre-polymer foam polishing and buffing pads are used in a multitude of applications and sectors. As the recognised UK-based leader in this field, we are the trusted suppliers of many OEM and aftermarket companies across the globe.

We have a superb reputation for supplying custom-designed, superior quality polishing foams and pads across the board. We provide anything from pre-polymer foam cut to size to intricate 30mm diameter pads for contact lenses, to large 300mm-diameter, durable polishing pads for domestic cleaning machines.

Our largest market, however, is in the automotive industry, where our products – including abrasive foams, compounding foams and fine-finishing foams – have been used by many iconic brands including Rolls Royce, Ferrari and Aston Martin, to name just a few.

A polished performance

Traditionally, polishing pads have been produced from lamb’s wool foam types, but polyurethane (PU) foams are now the material of choice for an increasing variety of applications, as they offer many other benefits in addition to delivering a superior finish. These include:

  • High flexibility on surfaces
  • Improved mechanical strength and tear resistance
  • Scratch-free polishing
  • Dust-free treatment of sensitive surfaces
  • A wider scope for adaptation to different handling needs, contours and surfaces
  • A vast range of pore sizes achievable enabling more varied absorption properties
  • Washable and re-usable for a more cost-effective solution
  • A wider range of thicknesses and diameters
  • Broader possibilities for shaping, drilling, moulding and laminating

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