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Plastazote is widely regarded as one of the most versatile forms of foam available, with common uses that range from children’s swimming aids to military-grade casing inserts. As a man-made polyethylene, Plastazote foam is renowned not just for its adaptability, but for its lightweight, buoyancy and incredible toughness.



Popular Applications

  • Consumer goods – including swimming floats, buoyancy aids and surfboards. Plastazote meets the toxicity requirements of BS EN 71 Pt:3.
  • Packaging – including medical, military and electronic goods packaging
  • Medical uses – including splints, collars and orthopaedic shoe linings
  • Theatre and film sets – including the creation of stage props and costumes
  • Sport and leisure applications – including body protection and helmet liners

What We Offer

We’re proud to be one of the UK’s leading Plastazote foam suppliers and have a commitment to producing niche foam components from this high-quality material. We offer a wide range of colours and densities (such as LD15, LD18, LD24, LD45, LD60, LD80 and many more) and stock the full range of Evazote foams (such as EV30, EV45 and VA35), which offer exceptional softness and flexibility.

The microcell structure of Plastazote foam makes it remarkably easy to cut, flex and mould to your exact requirements. Our specialist foam engineers offer years of experience working with high-density, closed-cell foams of all descriptions, and are on hand to advise you on the ideal solution. Products shaped from high-quality Plastazote are shipped directly from our UK warehouse in exceptionally fast time.

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How is Plastazote foam made?

Plastazote is a man-made polyethylene foam that is manufactured using a high-pressure nitrogen gas process that produces a pure, chemically and biologically inert material. All formulation additives used are non-toxic, except for the polymer-bound antimony and halogen compounds used to impart flame retardant properties to FR grades. No cadmium-based pigments are used.  

Plastazote foam is safe with food contact, meeting FDA 21 CFR177.1520, and complies with BS6920 for water contact applications.

How do you cut Plastazote foam?

There are a number of ways to cut and shape Plastazote foam, including band-knife cutting, die-cutting, water-jet cutting, laser cutting, routing and thermoforming. All of these methods produce a clean, precise finish and are safe and easy to do with high-quality Plastazote.

How do you glue Plastazote foam?

Sheets or blocks of Plastazote should be bonded together using heat (as hot air melts the two surfaces and welds them together). In certain applications, contact adhesive can be used, this should be spread in a thin layer and allowed to touch-dry. The foam pieces should then be pressed together firmly for several hours under pressure and left to set.

Can you paint Plastazote foam?

Plastazote foam is available in a variety of colours, but further painting and colouring may be required for use in applications like film set and costume design. When painting Plastazote, it is recommended to use a mixture of acrylic paint and latex. Small details can then be added using permanent marker pens if required.


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