Microphone Windshield Foams

Microphones are used in a wide variety of environments and situations, including everything from quiet radio studios through to live music concerts in arenas, or outside broadcasts in the most exposed locations. As all of these situations involve different levels and forms of noise interference, microphone windshield foams are essential to minimise background noise while still allowing acoustic transparency.



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We are recognised in the UK, Europe and beyond for our outstanding engineering and technical capabilities in the microphone windshield sector. We design, develop and manufacture a vast range of polyester foam microphone windshield products in a range of densities, colours and sizes to ensure that our customers can always get their message across clearly in any given situation.

With over 70 years experience as a high-end supplier of audio foams, our technical staff can specify the ideal material to suit your exact needs, regardless of whether you are looking for clip-on microphone windshields or large shotgun microphone windshields for outdoor use.

Where we truly stand out from the crowd is in our engineering prowess in manufacturing bespoke audio foams for windshields. We don’t believe in just selling off-the-shelf solutions; we work in partnership with our customers to design, develop and produce unique solutions to meet their individual needs.

While the audio performance of microphone windshields is the most essential factor, there is no doubt that these foams also present a great medium on which to advertise your brand. As well as a wide range of coloured foams, we can also flock coat to produce windshields with logos and brandings.

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Why do microphones have foam windshields?

A foam windshield is used to protect the microphone’s diaphragm and prevent gusts of air from affecting the recording.

Many microphones also have a protective foam layer inside the casing which can be used alongside an external foam windshield.

What do windshields do?

One of the most common uses for a microphone windshield is outdoor recording as a method for minimising the sound of wind or rain. It is also useful if the microphone is not stationary, or to reduce the plosive sounds made by a narrator or vocalist’s voice.

Windshields are typically made from open-cell foam which disperses the air, typically offering around 8dB of noise reduction.

Do I need a pop filter for my microphone?

Pop filters are typically made from a thin layer of foam or mesh and used in a studio recording setting to limit the amount of plosives (hard sounds when pronouncing letters such as ‘P’ and ‘B’).

Pop filters are not suitable for outdoor or dynamic recordings, but are essential for podcasts and vocal booths.

Should I use a windshield and pop filter together?

Depending on the circumstances, a windshield and pop filter can be combined to secure acoustically transparent takes. Both will help to reduce plosives and the windshield will also help to reduce natural echo, or unwanted sound from a hand-held microphone.

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