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For decades, experts have been finding an increasingly varied range of uses for melamine foam. Its low weight and superior fire-resistance make it the ideal choice for many applications, from magic sponges to wall and ceiling insulation. Whatever your requirements, we can deliver a melamine foam solution that’s bespoke to your business.



Popular Applications

  • Consumer goods – from strong abrasive cleaners to magic sponges and erasers
  • Automotive components – including vehicle lining and seating in trains and aeroplanes
  • Acoustic applications – HVAC duct linings and sound absorbers in cinemas and recording studios
  • Building and construction – both wall panels and ceiling tiles in public buildings and commercial spaces
  • Insulation – from hot water tanks to chemical plants and standard wall insulation

What We Offer

We’re experts in the melamine foam manufacturing process and have years of experience in converting both technical and sponge melamine foams. As new uses for both types of foam are discovered, we’re committed to offering bespoke solutions in a size, grade and thickness that suits your application.

Gone are the days where one company held the monopoly on melamine foam. We’re committed to sourcing the best quality materials from producers across the globe, in sizes that are ready to be cut and shaped to your requirements. From acoustic tiles to cleaning sponges, our in-house team of specialist foam engineers are on hand to help you find just the right type of foam for you.

We stock a wide selection of melamine foams, meaning products are ready to be converted from raw materials and delivered to you with quick turnaround times.

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High-quality, high-tech solutions with no-nonsense guidance, competitive pricing and 100% customer satisfaction.

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We’re not just manufacturers – we offer support and guidance with bespoke foam design and development.

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Is melamine foam fire-retardant?

Melamine foam is highly fire retardant, making it the ideal choice for insulating elements like hot water tanks and chemical plants. It also meets the strict fire safety requirements put in place by rail and aircraft authorities.

Melamine’s fire retardancy is a direct result of the nitrogen in its resin, giving it natural flame-resistant properties without the need for added components.

Unlike other common foam types, when melamine foam comes into contact with flames it chars gently and produces only a small amount of smoke. The foam neither melts nor produces burning droplets as a result of fire, making it suitable for use in environments where fire safety is paramount.

Is melamine foam toxic?

Melamine foam is not toxic to the environment. It does contain something called formaldehyde-melamine-sodium bisulfite copolymer, but this poses no health and safety risks.

This component is sometimes confused with standard formaldehyde, which can be toxic in large quantities. However, only minute amounts of this have ever been found in melamine foam – less than which is typically found in the air we breathe indoors. Any existing traces of formaldehyde are a direct result of the melamine foam manufacturing process and do not pose a toxicity risk.

What is a melamine foam cleaning sponge?

Melamine foam cleaning sponges are more commonly known as magic erasers or magic sponges. They were first produced after someone in China discovered that certain types of melamine foam could clean surfaces without the need for washing liquid.

Made from technical melamine foam, magic sponges are designed to gently clean the likes of kitchen tiles, counters and stove tops with no additional cleaning agents. This is particularly useful for surfaces that could be easily damaged by harmful substances and chemicals found in everyday household cleaners.

How do magic sponges work?

Magic sponges work because melamine foam is gently abrasive. When melamine resin is cured into foam, its flexible microstructure becomes hard. This gives a similar result as a very fine sandpaper and means that only a small amount of pressure is required to wipe away everyday dirt and grime.

Melamine foam is also remarkably lightweight – typically between 10 and 11kg per m3 – which makes it ideal for soft surface cleaning.


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