Medical Foams Manufacturer

Developing, processing and manufacturing foams for medical applications is a specialised field with many factors to consider – including performance, bio-compatibility, sterilisation and the potential for skin irritation.

With over two decades’ experience of supplying a wide range of medical grade foams, we have an outstanding reputation in the production of sterilised PVA, reticulated polyurethane (PU) and hydrophilic foams for a varied range of medical applications.



Popular Applications

  • HME Foams – heat and moisture exchange foams for medical application
  • Wound Dressing Foam – for hydrophilic dressings, PVA foams and negative pressure wound dressings
  • Hydrophilic Foam – for wound, anti-scar and post-operative dressings
  • Rubber Foams – including neoprene for medical supports and braces
  • PVA Foams – for specialist medical wound treatment products

What We Offer

Our medical foams are available in a range of colours and densities, whether you need durable neoprene rubber for medical supports or soft hydrophilic wound dressings. We can provide a variety of sterilised foam supplies for any medical or scientific field, such as sterilised foam saliva swabs. We cater our products to fit your needs, ensuring that you receive the highest quality products for the job.

Used in a range of filter applications, we produce specialised heat and moisture exchange (HME) foams in both dry and calcium chloride impregnated forms. We can also supply composite HME foams with additional oxygen permeability, bacterial barriers and fluid management. If required, we can even develop a new specialised grade of HME foam to ensure you receive the best foam product for your project.

In addition to wound dressings and HME foams, we also develop and manufacture a multitude of other medical foam products, such as splints and supports. We are committed to developing, processing and manufacturing medical foams which can be specified for various needs.

With a great understanding of the standard required for medical foam applications, Technical Foam Services is the ideal partner for all of your medical foam requirements. So, whether you need medical foams for performance or skin irritation, or sterilised foam and bi-compatibility foam products, we can help.

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Why is medical-grade HME foam useful?

Manufactured in medical grade reticulated polyurethane (PU), heat and moisture exchange (HME) foam is produced by blowing the cells open to a consistent and exact size. This is one of the reasons that HME foams are ideal for use in medical breathing and anaesthesia equipment and systems, and are a vital component for controlled oxygen and gas intake.

What makes PVA foam suitable for medical applications?

PVA foam is commonly used in wound dressings due to a wide range of beneficial properties. When damp, PVA foams are flexible and absorbent, helping to remove moisture and bacteria from a wound. Once dried, they become more rigid. This means they both help to protect and are easy to remove.

What is medical grade polyurethane?

Polyurethane is used in a wide range of medical applications including tubing, bedding and dressings. Due to its high strength, durability and ease to work with, new medical applications continue to be found for the material as an alternative to both silicone and metals.

Medical polyurethane also benefits from bio-compatibility, making it ideal for use in the creation of implants.

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