Hydrophilic Foams

Hydrophilic foams are the ideal flexible foam solution for applications in which moisture absorbency, breathability and softness are vital properties.

Hydrophilic foams have been adopted for a varied range of wound, anti-scar and post-operative dressings with great success. As a leading manufacturer in this field, we supply a wide selection of hydrophilic foam grades for a range of uses.



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We manufacture a range of hydrophilic polyurethane foams and products in a wide variety of grades, to meet even the most stringent specifications.

Providing a superior level of absorbency and high strength – combined with breathability, biocompatibility, softness, and flexibility – our hydrophilic foam solutions provide an effective non-linting, non-adhering, latex-free protective wound-healing environment. These water-absorbent foams are perfect for a range of medical applications. Our in-house engineering team and superior technical capabilities mean that our range of hydrophilic foam products is second to none.

With an established customer base in the medical sphere, we have a written protocol and sterilising services in place, therefore allowing us to offer a comprehensive, one-stop service.

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What is hydrophilic foam dressing used for?

While foam is used for a wide range of wound dressings, hydrophilic dressings are specifically used when moisture absorbency and breathability is required when wounds are healing.

As well as producing medical grade hydrophilic foam, we can also manufacture composite hydrophilic solutions, which can add anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties to the dressing.

What are the main properties of hydrophilic foam?

Hydrophilic Foam is primarily known for its absorbent properties, but the combination of breathability, biocompatibility, softness, and flexibility means it is a material ideal for numerous purposes.

Outside of medical applications, it is widely used in cosmetic applicators due to its durability and resistance to oil. Another common use is packaging – for both consumer and moisture sensitive goods.

Why is hydrophilic foam used in cosmetics?

Hydrophilic foam is non-crumbling, durable and oil resistant. Being washable and re-usable it offers a cost-effective solution for moisture-sensitive cosmetic products, and can be used with liquids, solids and powders.

All of our hydrophilic cosmetic foam grades are odourless, latex-free and non-toxic.

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