HME Foams


HME foams

Heat and moisture exchange (HME) foams are an essential component in a range of vital medical breathing and anaesthesia systems and equipment, playing an integral role in consistent and controlled oxygen and gas intake while also ensuring that sterile conditions are maintained.

With such a vital role to play, the precision of the pore size and the level of performance are paramount in HME applications, where a sub-standard product could have potentially catastrophic effects.

As the recognised UK-based leader in engineering-biased precision manufactured foam products, we have the experience and expertise in the field of HME to provide highly effective products that always perform.

A matter of protocol

With a vast experience in producing a wide range of foam solutions for medical applications, we have established an outstanding reputation in the field of HME foams for the quality and performance of the products we manufacture, and the conditions in which they are produced.

We have tried and tested written protocols in place for handling and processing medical grade HME foams. We also have a close and long established relationship with accredited laundering and clean room sterilisation providers Micronclean, which assures a reliable and comprehensive HME solution for our customers around the globe.

Precise engineering

With an enviable reputation built on the superior standards of our facilities, engineering capabilities and the materials we use, all of our HME products are manufactured to highest specifications possible.

Produced in medical grade reticulated polyurethane (PU) foams that has been specifically developed for use in HME applications, each and every filter is produced to the highest standard, thus ensuring exact and consistent pore size and density and therefore precise permeability and control every time.

A refreshing approach

Unlike some HME foam converters, at Technical Foam Services we do not supply off-the-shelf solutions to our customers; we develop and manufacture bespoke HME foams in a range of sizes, porosity levels and composite forms to offer precise solutions that meet each individual customer’s requirements. We even work with our trusted raw material suppliers to develop new grades for specific applications where necessary.

As a result, we offer the widest range of HME foam solutions you will find in both dry and calcium chloride impregnated variations.

While all of our HME products offer outstanding performance in terms of sterilisation, skin and biocompatibility, we also offer an extensive range of composite HME solutions. These include HME foams with additional anti-microbial and anti-bacterial characteristics, increased oxygen permeability and enhanced fluid management as desired.

A unique approach

At Technical Foam Services, we work in partnership with each and every client to deliver unique products to fulfil individual requirements. This combines our unrivalled engineering and technical HME foam expertise with our clients’ knowledge of their specific medical field.

We also believe in building long-term and trusting relationships with all of our clients, and are willing to sign any necessary confidentiality agreements required.

To discuss your requirements with the leading UK-based supplier of HME foams, contact our technical team.

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