Hi-Fi Speaker Fronts

To many, Hi-Fi speaker foams are nothing more than a cover to keep the dust out. But in reality, quality speaker fronts play an essential role in reducing unwanted noise and vibration while maintaining and enhancing the acoustic performance.

As such, speaker front foams are complex products manufactured from specific acoustically transparent foam materials, which are then processed to provide a precise fit and optimum performance.

As the major UK-based manufacturer of precision engineered audio foams for the global speaker foam sector, we offer the widest choice in terms of materials and performance capabilities.

Finely tuned engineering

While there are many suppliers of Hi-Fi speaker foams around, what truly sets us apart from other manufacturers is our unrivalled engineering capabilities, which enable us to produce custom products to meet even the most stringent of specifications.

With an in-house engineering department, we have the experience, equipment and processing systems in place to be able to produce a vast range of Hi-Fi speaker foams in an array of different sizes, densities and patterns, from plain through bevelled and striped to criss-cross markings.

Furthermore, with a profound understanding of the necessary characteristics required in acoustically transparent speaker fronts, if we don’t have the exact equipment required, our expert engineers will design and manufacture bespoke tooling to meet your individual needs. We can then produce prototypes and carry out testing to ensure we have created the optimal product for your needs before manufacturing commences.

With state-of-the art UK facilities, we can produce Hi-Fi speaker foam goods in almost any conceivable shape or size, from the smallest of portable goods to large surround sound systems.

Unique solutions

As a recognised world leader in engineering-based audio foam products, the majority of the Hi-Fi speaker foams that we supply are made to our customers’ own specific designs. In such a competitive market, this means that the goods we supply are not only perfect in terms of pore size, pitch and audio performance, but they also remain unique to that particular client.

Where required, we can also supply Hi-Fi speaker fronts complete with printed branding and logos, thus providing an unrivalled service from design through to delivery.

With a global customer base in this sector, we understand the importance of confidentiality, and will never release our customers’ bespoke designs onto the open market without their knowledge and consent.

The finer details

We not only excel in terms of our engineering and service, we also offer the widest choice in terms of the materials we can supply.

As an established business we have superb relationships with the leading audio foam raw material suppliers, so we can offer a vast range of acoustically transparent polyester foams covering the spectrum of pore sizes, densities and even colours.

Lightweight and compact, the shipping costs involved in transporting Hi-Fi speaker foams are in no way prohibitive and as a result of this and our unrivalled reputation, we export our products all over the world.

For a competitive quote or to discuss your unique requirements, please contact our technical team.

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