Foam Laminated Fabric

Technical Foam Services and Custom Foams can cut to size fabric faced case inserts in a vast array of colours to ensure our clients can have the “complete package” when it comes to protecting, presenting and marketing their products.


fabric faced foams


A choice of quality foam laminated fabrics


By bonding fabrics – usually brush nylons – to the foam before cutting, we can produce case insert foams that offer optimum fit and performance with the added benefit of further enhancing the company’s corporate identity and brand recognition.

With our unrivalled technical capabilities and access to the highest quality raw materials available, we can produce foam laminated fabric in a true rainbow of colours that span the entire spectrum from red and yellow to blue and green, to appeal to consumers across a huge range of markets.

From paler blues for baby goods through greens for natural products, to vibrant reds for computers, our fabric faced foam solutions offer the ideal medium to attract the right buyers and expose your brand.


Not just a pretty face


Although we supply fabric faced foam inserts in order to offer our customers the widest choice in terms of aesthetic appeal, we never compromise on quality. Whether you opt for grey or black foams or fabric faced inserts, one common characteristic they share is their superior performance.


Custom-made solutions from Technical Foam Services and Custom Foams


From soft open-cell polyurethane to heavy-duty high impact absorbing closed cell polyethylene foams, as well as moisture resistant and fire retardant solutions, we can produce fabric faced foams to meet your exact requirements in terms of the protection needed for the product you are packaging and your budget.

With an in-house engineering department that is second to none, we can produce tooling to manufacture fabric faced inserts that are custom-designed to suit your individual product in quantities ranging from just one insert to tens of thousands, enabling us to offer fabric face inserts in truly limitless shapes and sizes.

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