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Ethafoam is a versatile closed-cell polyethylene foam. It can be manufactured in a range of densities to achieve its flexible yet durable characteristics. Ethafoam is most commonly used for various bespoke packaging requirements due to its shock absorption and cushioning properties. It is also impervious to most chemicals, mildew and rot, as well as it being water-resistant, making it suitable for the packaging, protection and preservation of delicate and/ or valuable items.



Popular Applications

  • Packaging – including cushioned protection and shock absorption
  • Electronics – including antistatic properties which can be further enhanced for use in the protection of electrical goods
  • Buoyancy – including use in personal floatation devices (PFDs) and life jacket applications</li
  • Preservation – including the storage and packing of delicate, sensitive or historic items due to its water resistance and impervious properties

What We Offer

We’re expert Ethafoam manufacturers and boast an advanced understanding of its suitability for different applications. Thanks to years of expertly converting Ethafoam and other closed-cell foams, we’re highly experienced in finding the ideal, bespoke solution for your business.

Choose us for high quality Ethafoam conversion by specialist foam engineers. We stock sheets and rolls of Ethafoam in our warehouse, ready to be shaped, repurposed and delivered to you, all within an impressive turnaround time.

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High-quality, high-tech solutions with no-nonsense guidance, competitive pricing and 100% customer satisfaction.

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Foam design and development

We’re not just manufacturers – we offer support and guidance with bespoke foam design and development.

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We have an outstanding reputation in the field of specialist foam and can recommend the right solutions to meet your needs.

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What is Ethafoam?

Ethafoam is the trade name for non-cross-linked, closed-cell polyethylene foam. It is a durable foam that has a wide range of uses due to its flexibility, shock absorption and impervious properties.

Is Ethafoam waterproof?

The closed-cell structure of Ethafoam makes it moisture resistant and impervious to most types of chemical, however, the density of the foam will affect whether it is waterproof or not. Higher density Ethafoam will achieve improved waterproof properties.

What densities do you offer in Ethafoam?

We offer Ethafoam in a variety of densities and can manufacture it in a range of strengths and thicknesses to suit the specific needs of your business too. It’s because of this versatility that Ethafoam can be tailored for its protective properties, and can be used in the packaging of lightweight, delicate items right up to intricate heavier pieces.


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