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engine filters

When people discuss engine performance, they usually refer to valves and horsepower. But engines can only work to their full capability if the motor is kept clean and the engine’s environment is maintained at an optimum level. Technically, this is where advanced engine filter foams play an essential role.

As the leading engineering-based foam manufacturer and converter in the UK, we produce an extensive range of permanent and replaceable engine filter foams in a wide range of pore sizes, shapes and densities, for the automotive, rail and bus industries – from bus compressors to high-performance sports cars.

Precision and performance

Manufactured in reticulated polyurethane (PU) foam with a high-tensile strength and precise homogenous cell size, our engine filter products provide a superior level of dust absorption and airflow compared with other products such as paper and gauze. As a result, our engine filter foams are recognised by the leading filter manufacturers.

The perfect blend of properties

In addition to offering superior levels of durability and precision performance, our engine filter goods are also:

  • Oil resistant
  • Fire retardant to meet FMVSS302 and UL94 standards
  • Resistant to temperature and thermal oxidation
  • Chemical and contaminant resistant
  • UV and light-resistant
  • Resistant to ageing
  • Weldable

We also supply impregnated carbon foams to filter odours and gases where required.

A wide selection

In addition to providing improved performance properties, engine filter foams also offer a cost-effective alternative to disposable paper filters as they can be washed and re-used.

We also offer the widest choice of densities, pore sizes and colours – including black, white, red, blue and yellow – and can supply engine filter foams in a wide array of shapes and sizes such as die-cut, egg-box profiled, sewn forms and ultrasonically-welded cylinders.

Custom solutions

While all of our engine filters offer a robust and effective solution in a wide range of applications, this is often where the similarities end. We do not believe in merely supplying ‘standard’ products; as the recognised leader in engineering-based foam conversion with full dedication to our customers, our real strength lies in our ability to supply bespoke, custom engine filters to meet the precise and exacting demands of each and every one of our clients.

With an expert team of in-house engineers, we can produce bespoke tooling to manufacture custom engine filter foams that meet your precise specifications. We can also manufacture prototypes and carry out testing before beginning full-scale manufacturing, thus providing a truly comprehensive and bespoke service to clients around the world.

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