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The term cosmetic foams encompasses a wide variety of applications, including everything from make-up applicators and removers, beauty and cleansing products, to fragrance carrying foams and liquid impregnated products.

With unrivalled in-house engineering expertise and manufacturing facilities, we not only offer the widest choice of foam grades, we also provide the most expansive choice of products in terms of the shapes, colours and styles in which we can produce hydrophilic cosmetic foams. We are specialists in producing cosmetic solutions, manufactured in high-grade polyurethane (PU) foams, where superior hydrophilic properties are an essential factor.



Popular Applications

What We Offer

With a vast range of foam grades in stock, we are the recognised leader in engineering-based foam conversion and supply a wide range of materials and products to suit every imaginable cosmetic foam requirement.

Dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality goods that always far exceed “standard” products, all of our cosmetic foams are developed and manufactured to the highest specifications to ensure a superior level of longevity, durability and performance, while also being extremely gentle and soft on delicate skin.

To ensure this, all of our hydrophilic foam grades are latex-free, non-toxic and odourless, whilst also being non-crumbling and oil resistant. Manufactured to last, they are also washable and re-usable, thus ensuring a durable and cost-effective solution for liquid, solid and powder applications in both domestic and professional salon environments.

The scope of applications for cosmetic foams is truly vast and we are constantly working with clients to develop and produce new, unique and ground-breaking solutions. With an expert team of engineers able to design and manufacture bespoke tooling and equipment, the possibilities are endless.

We welcome a challenge, so, if you’re considering a new cosmetic foam application, contact our technical team and we’ll work with you to make it a reality.

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We’re not just manufacturers – we offer support and guidance with bespoke foam design and development.

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What are the key properties of cosmetic foam?

Highly absorbent, breathable and soft, we can die-cut, buff and weld cosmetic foams to produce bespoke solutions to meet your exact requirements.

We can also produce a wide range of composite foams to offer enhanced anti-microbial and anti-fungal characteristics where required. We can specially engineer cosmetic foams to carry and release a huge selection of products ranging from make-up and moisturisers to fragrances and cleansers.

What can be made from cosmetic foam?

Cosmetic foams can be used for a range of everyday products, including:

  • Foam applicators
  • Cosmetic removal pads and wipes
  • Hydrophilic sponges
  • Cosmetic release foams

How dense is cosmetic foam?

Available in densities from as low as 30kg/m3 up to 150kg/m3, and in a range of porosities spanning 60ppi to 150ppi, at Technical Foam Services we can supply cosmetic-grade hydrophilic foams to suit your precise requirements for both professional salon applications and for consumer goods for use at home.

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