Chipfoam, also known as reconstituted foam, is a high-performance, cost-effective open-cell packaging solution. Its superior strength and versatility makes it ideal for transporting a wide spectrum of items, ranging from heavy plants and machinery to electronic goods such as laptops and computers.



Popular Applications

  • Packaging – including military-grade packaging.
  • Sound insulation – including sound dampening in industrial settings.
  • Upholstery – including commercial seating for bars, restaurants and public transport.
  • Hard-wearing mats – including gym mats, crash mats and church kneelers.

What We Offer

While chipfoam may be produced from off-cuts, it by no means cuts corners in terms of its performance properties. Far from being a cheaper substitute for other foams, it offers the optimum solution in a wide range of packaging applications where quality and endurance are paramount.

Testament to this is the widespread use of chipfoam in military packaging applications, where stringent specifications and harsh conditions demand only the highest standard foams can be used.

Ideal for large and heavier goods such as plant, machinery and larger electronic components, our experienced foam experts are able to supply chipfoam in a wide range of thicknesses, densities and colours. This allows us to meet the demands of a vast array of specific packaging applications.

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How is chipfoam made?

Chipfoam is manufactured from the scrap polyurethane foam that is produced when cutting large foam sheets and blocks. These are then granulated and bonded together to form a highly versatile and cost-effective foam solution, which is particularly suited to a wide range of packaging applications.

While some may view chipfoam as simple off-cuts or scrap, these foam materials offer the same high quality as other polyurethane materials while the bonding process instils a high degree of flexibility and strength into the end products. As a result, chipfoam is a versatile and economical solution that offers performance properties that are, in fact, often greater than the sum of its parts.

This results in a superior level of durability, resilience, impact and sound absorption and protection than many ‘virgin’ materials.

How does chipfoam impact the environment?

Within the foam industry, scrap foam and offcuts are typically taken away and granulated on site.

Much of this will go off to be made into carpet underlay. Around 90% of the scrap produced by foam manufacturers and converters is actually reused in things such as chipfoam and reconstituted foam.

What shapes can you make from chipfoam?

From simple, plain-cut chipfoam pads and egg box profiling to state-of-the-art, sophisticated CNC die-cut chipfoams, the cutting and finishing options we offer are virtually limitless.

As the leading engineering-based chipfoam manufacturer and converter, we also offer the widest choice of shaping and finishing options, and our design and manufacturing capabilities in the packaging sector are second to none.

Who are some chipfoam suppliers?

As experts in the field of chipfoam packing solutions, we are able to offer a truly comprehensive and bespoke service to our customers, from the design and development of prototypes, through testing to full-scale manufacturing.

If you are looking for a cost-effective, high-performance chipfoam packaging supplier, contact our team for a competitive quote and to discuss your individual requirements.

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