Cellulose Sponge Manufacturer

With superior absorbency and resilience, cellulose foam has long been used for a multitude of household cleaning and art applications, providing a high level of performance at a low cost. But the potential applications for this unique material far exceed standard square-cut sponge pads.

As the recognised leader in foam technology and precision engineering, we develop and manufacture a wide range of standard and compressed cellulose sponge products for a vast range of applications.



Popular Applications

  • Automotive uses – including cleaning sponges for vehicle interiors and exteriors.
  • Cleaning accessories – including cellulose sponge cloths.
  • Compressed household sponges – including those used for surface wiping and dish washing.
  • A vast range of promotional sponges – branded items made to particular size and shape specifications.

What We Offer

As a leader in the development of new foam products and applications, we supply an immense range of medical, household and car-cleaning products, serving as an effective and economic option for brands and retailers alike.

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High-quality, high-tech solutions with no-nonsense guidance, competitive pricing and 100% customer satisfaction.

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Foam design and development

We’re not just manufacturers – we offer support and guidance with bespoke foam design and development.

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Expertise in foam materials

We have an outstanding reputation in the field of specialist foam and can recommend the right solutions to meet your needs.

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What shapes can be cut in cellulose sponge?

We can manufacture and supply cellulose foam goods in a vast array of densities and shapes, from traditional square mop sponges to intricately shaped products. We can cut cellulose sponges to any 2D outline you wish, from ovals and squares, footballs and hearts, to complex animal shapes and everything in-between.

We can also apply a four-colour print to the surface to enable you to get your message across in an innovative and vibrant way, making cellulose sponge the ideal platform for branded and promotional items. Promotional cellulose sponge products can come in branded packaging where desired.

Is cellulose sponge eco-friendly?

Because our cellulose sponge solutions are produced from natural materials, they are fully biodegradable as well as being lightweight, compact and versatile.

What is compressed cellulose sponge?

Compressed sponges are also known as expanding, swelling or pop-up sponges. They are formed using dry cellulose foam which is compressed under high pressure and heat.

Because compressed cellulose sponges are much smaller in volume than standard cellulose sponge, our compressed products take up far less space in transit and on the shop shelf. However, once immersed in water, they return to their original size, offering the same level of performance to the end-user.

Is cellulose sponge appropriate for marketing assets?

In recent years, with the development of compressed cellulose sponge, the possibilities for using these materials in promotional and marketing products have expanded enormously. Lightweight and small in volume, cellulose foam sponge is the perfect low-cost, high-impact medium on which to advertise a range of products and brands.

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