Car Polishing Foams

car polishing foams

A perfect finish is essential for both OEM car manufacturers and after-market automotive repair providers. As the recognised leading producer of car polishing pads in the UK and beyond, we play a vital role in ensuring that every car that comes off the production line or out of the workshop is ‘up to scratch’ when it comes to a polished appearance.

As the main supplier to a wide range of automotive manufacturers and after-care suppliers, our pre-polymer and reticulated car polishing pads are recognised for their superior performance and durability. As a result we are proud to have supplied foam car polishing products for use on many prestigious marques, including Rolls Royce, Ferrari, and Aston Martin to name just a few.

Taking the rough with the smooth

Car polishing is not only about buffing the final product. Any single vehicle can pass through numerous polishing phases during production or repairs before it rolls onto a garage forecourt or out of the workshop. But with a wealth of experience in this field and unrivalled technical expertise, we develop and manufacture a wide range of car polishing solutions for every stage of the manufacturing and after-care markets, including:

  • Abrasive foams
  • Compounding foams
  • Fine and micro finishing foams

Furthermore, with the most expansive range of materials our technical team can specify foam polishing pads to suit your precise requirements in terms of density, pore size, thickness and absorption.

Quality and choice

While each foam polishing pad is designed to meet the specific requirements of each process, they all offer the same level of performance in terms of:

  • Durability – with superior mechanical strength and tear resistance, our car polishing foams are recognised for providing long-lasting performance. Furthermore, as they are washable and re-usable they offer a highly cost-effective solution.
  • Flexibility – produced in the most advanced PU foam materials which are contoured to your bespoke requirements, our products provide the highest level of flexibility to enable uniform and exact polishing even on the most complex areas of bodywork.
  • Purity – with strict protocols in place for the manufacture of car polishing foams, we ensure that each and every pad is produced in a contaminant-free environment to ensure optimal performance.
  • Gentle performance – scratch-free and dust-free, our foam polishing pads are recognised for producing gentle yet highly effective results.

Finely-tuned processes

Not only do we offer the widest product range in terms of the foam materials we supply, with an expert team of in-house engineers we can shape, contour and drill car polishing pads to meet your bespoke needs. Supplied with a velour or Velcro backing, we can even print your branding or logo onto the pads to offer a truly custom-made solution.

Our reputation is second to none in this field, and we frequently work with the leading European raw material suppliers to develop and trial the new car polishing pad materials that meet the ever-changing needs of the automotive industry.

To discuss your individual requirements with the leading manufacturer of high performance car polishing pads, contact our technical team.

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