Audio Foams

audio foams

To the uninitiated, audio foams are little more than aesthetic items that cover microphones, speakers and headsets, but in reality these products play a vital role in blocking unwanted noise and vibrations while still allowing the right sounds, such as speech and music, to be heard clearly. Therefore, producing high standard audio foams requires a superior level of technical expertise to ensure the optimum performance for different applications.

As an experienced and engineering-biased foam manufacturer, we have an enviable reputation as the leading UK-based producer of specialist audio foams, spanning a wide range of stock and bespoke products. These include:

Custom manufactured to meet your needs

As different audio foams require different levels of noise isolation depending on their application, we develop products in a wide selection of polyester audio foam grades. With a range of precise pore sizes and densities, we ensure the goods we manufacture offer the highest standard of performance for each specific situation with no sound distortion.

The vast majority of our audio products are made to our customers’ bespoke specifications and designs. This not only ensures optimum performance, as a trusted supplier of many well-known names, it also guarantees the utmost confidentiality regarding your design. Finally, it offers peace of mind that your bespoke product will not be released into the marketplace without your knowledge.

Sound engineering

What really sets us apart from other audio foam manufacturers is our engineering capability.

With the most up-to-date lathes, sculpture cutting machinery and our own expert in-house engineering department, we can design and build tools to produce windshields, mufflers and speaker covers in virtually any shape or size imaginable.

From prototype through development and testing to full-scale manufacturing and delivery of the end product, we provide our customers with a truly one-stop solution for audio foam products.

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