Air Filter Foam Sheet Supplier

Manufactured in high-grade polyester and polyether reticulated foams, air filter foam is produced by blowing open the cells to create precise porosity and density levels. This is also what ensures exact and accurate filtration.

Our air filter foams provide an unequivocal level of dust absorption, combined with superior resistance to chemicals, solvents, UV, temperature, and ageing. We also supply HVAC air filter foam sheets in fire-retardant grades to meet all necessary regulations.



Popular Applications

  • HVAC systems – including duct linings and sound absorbers
  • Automotive applications – including permanent and replaceable engine filter foams for the rail and bus industries
  • Medical HME systems – including medical breathing and anaesthesia systems and equipment
  • Electronics – including filters for computers and other devices
  • Transport – including bus and train compressors

What We Offer

We supply air filter foams in densities and porosity levels ranging from 8ppi right through to 90ppi, and in a huge choice of thicknesses starting as thin as 3mm. We can also produce composite forms impregnated with carbon to eliminate odours.

Air filter foams can be supplied in custom designed sheets, die-cut, and egg-box profiled shapes. They can also be sewn or ultrasonically welded to create cylinders for vacuum cleaners, motorcycle or bus filters. Our foams are available in a wide range of colours, from black and white to the more vibrant shades of green, yellow and red.

Recognised around the globe for our outstanding engineering capabilities, customer focus and superior quality products, we develop and supply a wide array of reticulated polyurethane dust and air filter foam sheets for many leading OEMs. We understand that performance, durability and precision are important to our clients, making them important to us too.

In addition to superior performance, our air filter foams provide a wide range of other benefits including UV and light resistance, durability and a longer lifespan and fire retardancy to meet FMVSS302 and UL94 standards.

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What can I use to clean a foam air filter?

While dedicated cleaning products are available, in most cases warm water will be enough to remove dirt and debris from a foam air filter. For heavier dirt, soak the filter in a soap solution, rinse and then leave it to dry naturally.

What are the benefits of foam air filters?

Foam air filters combine excellent dust absorption, oil and contaminant resistance with fire-retardancy and durability. They’re also reusable and are therefore environmentally friendly.

In automotive uses, the free-flowing foam can contribute towards improved engine performance and fuel economy.

Do foam air filters need oil?

Using a thin layer of oil on air foam filters is an important step as the oil will trap contaminants and particles that are present in the air. However, it is important to regularly maintain foam filters with regular cleaning and oil replacement.

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