Acoustic Tiles

Our team of technical foam experts can work with you to develop acoustic foam wall or ceiling tiles that match your precise specifications. Custom sizing, foam grades and shaping will help you build the perfect acoustic environment, whether in a recording studio, industrial testing or office space. A solution that ticks every box.

Popular Applications

  • Recording studio acoustic treatment – various shapes and sizes for acoustic enhancement in recording and performance spaces
  • Reverb and echo elimination – sound control for large lecture halls, sports hall and conference rooms
  • Ceiling sound absorption – reducing noise pollution and sound travel through buildings in offices, industrial and domestic spaces


What We Offer

As one of the UK’s leading foam suppliers, we can produce acoustic tiles and panels for all situations, from acoustic studio treatments to new construction projects.

Our acoustic foam panels are processed and engineered to provide effective noise reduction, acoustic diffusion or sound enhancement tailored to your specific environment. With an endless variety of foam grades, compositions and thicknesses to choose from, you can be sure that our bespoke solution will offer the very best in professional acoustics.

Our expert, in-house engineering department and custom tooling capability enables us to produce acoustic ceiling tiles and acoustic wall tiles in almost any configuration, whether in sheets, custom cut parts, egg crate panels or pyramid profiled panels – every acoustic tile is developed and cut to meet your unique requirements.

Our bespoke foam cutting and development process will ensure that you receive acoustic tiles that precisely match your environment and specifications. Contact us today and we’ll work with you to create the best solution.


What Are Acoustic Tiles?

Acoustic foam tiles are squares of foam made to cover a surface, usually a wall or ceiling, to offer sound dampening or acoustic treatment. The tiles can be used to:

  • Reduce echo and noise interference in recording and performance
  • Enhance sound quality in recording studios or commercial spaces.
  • Soundproof a room against external noise pollution or unwanted noise.
  • Reduce the noise that escapes from a room.

All acoustic panels and tiles effectively work by making the surface softer, boosting sound absorption. This reduces the echo and reverberation that hard surfaces produce.

Acoustic foam panels can be fitted on suspended ceilings as sound diffusers – which will also help to reduce vibrations traveling through floors – or fitted directly to surfaces. This is often the case with large performance spaces where the primary aim is to reduce echo, rather than provide soundproofing.

Foam panels should remain unpainted, as paint recreates the harder surface that the tiles are designed to overcome. Sound insulation tiles are also generally non-washable because soap residue can fill in the tiny pores and crevices that make the tile work.

In office and industrial spaces, acoustic foam tiles are installed to provide noise control and improve sound quality, potentially boosting employee focus. Acoustic treatment can also offer benefits in domestic settings, as people seek higher quality audio from home speakers and entertainment systems.

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