Acoustic Soundproofing Domestic Foam

Soundproof foams are largely unsung heroes in a wide range of domestic applications. Although many people recognise them in specific places (such as recording studios), they have many uses which are rarely acknowledged. Yet, if they weren’t there, everyone would soon notice just how noisy the world really is.

As UK-based leaders in engineering-based acoustic foams, we produces a multitude of solutions developed for the domestic sector to ensure that we can all live peaceful and quiet lives.

Behind the scenes performance

More and more people live in densely populated areas and buildings. Without acoustic foam solutions, many of us would be driven to despair by the noise emitted from our neighbours’ homes and from activity outside.

As a result, the need for noise dampening and acoustic absorption is increasing—which is where our expertise plays a vital role.

We ensure our foams provide high-performance sound and vibration absorption, and adhere to noise pollution and fire-retardation regulations. These include solutions developed specifically for:

  • Wall panels
  • Roofing panels
  • Ceiling panels and tiles
  • Door panels
  • Flooring solutions
  • HVAC systems
  • Ducts lining and pipes
  • Generator and compressor rooms
  • Home cinemas
  • Office panels and screens
  • Making the grade

The variety of domestic acoustic foam solutions we supply is extremely varied, and each requires specific properties in noise absorption and physical performance. As such, there is no single acoustic foam that will meet the requirements of each situation or application, which is why we offer a vast range of different foam grades in various thicknesses, densities, composite forms and shapes, to ensure that each product we supply is ideal for its specific application.

We manufacture both polyurethane and melamine foams which meet FMVSS302 or UL94 HF1 and Class 0 fire-retardant grades. We also supply many composite forms including oil dispersing, heat reflecting, foil and film-based mixtures, as well as with self-adhesive backing and aluminium sheet inter-layers where required.

A perfect fit

With an unrivalled engineering department and conversion facilities, we can also cut acoustic foams to fit perfectly in any situation, with many different shapes including flat sheets, CNC-cut shapes, egg-box and pyramid profiling.

We deal with each customer on an individual basis, specifying each product we manufacture on three major factors: where the acoustic foam will be used; how much noise and vibration reduction is required; the noise’s source (for example, whether it’s produced by music, machinery or people). We can then develop an ideal solution for your needs.

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