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Basotect is a unique lightweight, flexible, open-cell melamine polymer foam with outstanding acoustic and thermal insulating characteristics. It is also highly valued for its inherent flame- retardant and chemical-resistant properties, providing the ideal solution to noise across a multitude of industrial and commercial applications.

Recognised around the globe as leading UK-based foam manufacturesr and converters, we supply Basotect products for a wide array of applications where weight, flexibility and high sound-absorption are paramount.



Popular Applications

  • Construction – including HVAC duct linings
  • Recording studios – including panels and baffles
  • Automotive sector –  such as noise dampeners
  • Aerospace and rail – including seating
  • Cinemas and exhibition facilities – such as suspended sound absorbers

What We Offer

While the performance properties of Basotect speak for themselves, where our experience and technical know-how come to the fore is what we do with this superb material.

With an in-house team of experienced technical staff and specialist foam engineers, what sets us apart from other suppliers is our ability to offer the widest range of products – many of which are bespoke goods designed for individual clients, to meet the exact requirements of each and every application.

With state-of-the-art UK conversion facilities, we can produce Basotect solutions in a vast array of sizes and shapes. We also offer the widest choice of coating and bonding options to provide precision engineered products which meet each client’s exact specifications and requirements. This ranges from simple sheets to complex profiling and shapes; from plain Basotect to metallised, PVC, neoprene or polyester faced foam solutions.

We can even produce custom tooling and prototypes in-house for a rapid, professional and totally comprehensive service as well as superior precision, high-performance solutions.

If you are looking for an acoustic Basotect product, simply send us a sample or contact our technical team to discuss your individual requirements.

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What is Basotect foam?

Made from melamine resin, Basotect foam is a lightweight, open-cell material that is easy to install and ideal for locations where sound absorption is crucial – this could include offices, exhibition centres, HVAC and even the automotive sector.

Are Basotect products resistant to heat?

As a result of the high nitrogen content in melamine foams, Basotect products are highly retardant to flames and heat. This ensures they are efficient and cost-effective in environments where specific standards are in force, such as in building, construction and automotive applications.

Do Basotect products have a fire rating?

Our Basotect materials are all Class-0 rated and do not melt or drip when exposed to naked flames, nor do they emit toxic smoke or fumes. This makes them particularly appropriate for ceiling and wall panels, as well as HVAC products.

With a cross-linked structure, Basotect also provides a superb level of natural chemical resistance in a wide range of environments. Resistant to all organic solvents, Basotect provides a durable and effective solution even in harsher environments.

What is the difference between soundproofing and sound absorption?

When sound waves bounce around a space they will come into contact with objects such as furniture and walls. When this happens the sound can either be absorbed or reflected back.

Sound absorbing panels will prevent the sound waves from bouncing back into the room, reducing echo. However, it does not block sound. Soundproofing will deaden the sound and prevent it entering or leaving a space.

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