Environmental Policy Statement

Technical Foam Services Ltd is committed to minimising the environmental impact of its activities, and to ensure continual improvement of our environmental performance.

To achieve these commitments, the company will:

  • Seek to enhance and preserve our working environment
  • Minimise our waste to landfill by recycling wherever possible
  • Seek to reduce solvent use where practicable
  • Maintain an Environmental Management Standard (EMS) to ISO14001, as achieved in 2017
  • Raise environmental awareness by implementing an environmental training programme for all staff
  • Comply with all environmental legislation
  • Prevent pollution to air, water and land
  • Encourage sustainable consumption associated with our activities to minimise unnecessary waste of electricity, fuel and materials.
  • Monitor progress and review the environmental programme annually
  • Consider the environmental credentials of our supply chain and source locally where practical
  • Focus upon identifying and addresses areas for continual improvement


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