Engineering Department

Technical Foam Services and Custom Foams offer a unique service that sets us apart from other foam manufacturers and suppliers: our expert in-house engineering department. Not only do we maintain and service all our machinery ourselves, we also design and build bespoke tooling and machines in-house to produce prototypes and new products on-site.

We are the only UK-based foam company with this capability, enabling us to offer a more comprehensive service for creating bespoke shaped foams to almost any specification.

Led by our engineers Tom Wallace, Lee Edmonds and Andrzej Rudzinski, they have a combined 60 years’ experience in the foam conversion industry. Our engineering department is the jewel in our crown; it enables us to offer customers the most efficient and wide-ranging services in terms of quality and choice.

While many suppliers of foam products sub-contract their engineering capacity, our in-house engineers are a pivotal part of our team; they enable us to provide a superior and bespoke service. This includes:

  • Bespoke tooling capability
  • The widest range of processing and shaping capabilities
  • Custom built machinery for new products
  • Fast development and production of prototypes
  • In-house design and production services
  • A traditional and logical engineering approach to each customer’s requirements
  • A deep understanding of the raw materials and processes
  • Highly maintained machinery to ensure uninterrupted service and quality.

Customers are welcome to visit our factories in Milton Keynes and Corby, where we will give you a tour of our facilities so you can fully understand how we will produce your particular requirement.

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