Automotive Foam

As a trusted supplier of foams to a wide range of automotive and component manufacturers around the globe, we produce a vast range of products for car, bus and motorcycle OEMS and aftercare suppliers.

Air and dust filters

We specialise in the production of high-quality air and dust filters. These are suitable to be installed during manufacture or used as replacement components.

Acoustic insulation and sound absorbing foams

We manufacture a wide range of automotive acoustic insulation foams, helping to protect your vehicle from unwanted road and engine noise.

Gaskets and seals

We’re recognised as a leading supplier of gaskets and seals for the automotive industry, all produced using finest-grade rubber foams.

Hoses and pipes

Our hoses, pipes and tubes are designed to be used across the automotive industry, with a quality finish ensured every time.

Polishing pads

Our car polishing pads have been specifically designed for use on production lines and within the automotive aftercare market.

Their understanding of our requirement from the outset was excellent, they quickly proved themselves as a very knowledgeable, capable and reliable company to work with. We transferred all our foam business to them much quicker than originally anticipated, since then they have continued to prove themselves as a first-class supplier of quality polishing and compounding foam pads.

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