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Case study: High-performance reticulated foam filters


A leading producer of high-performance filters for auto sport.*

The challenge

The company was started by two engineers who left an iconic performance car brand to set up a company providing high-performance air filters.

Standard engines use paper filter which get clogged and thrown away. The company wanted to create better filters, that not only captured more particles to keep the engine cleaner for longer but were washable as well.

The capturing of particles was an important aspect of the brief, as dust and dirt particles that simply bounced off the filter would go back into the engine, potentially causing different problems.

They recognised that because foam has different porosities, it would make a great filtration media for their application, and so looked at combining various pore size and densities to capture different particles at different stages of the filter.


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Our solution

By using a range of reticulated foams from polyurethane and polyester- or polyether-based foams with porosities that ranged from course 10ppi (pores per inch) foam up to 100pore per inch foam which is very fine, we created a range of innovative, high-performance multi-layered filter.

And it was washable. This meant that racing drivers and their teams could wash the filters after races and replace them afresh for the highest possible performance, every time.

A subsequent filter style we developed with them was carbon-impregnated foam. This process eliminates odour from the dirty filter and made the filters more fire retardant – which is very important in motor sport.


How it worked

We worked closely with the company and four of our global suppliers to combine specific materials and develop the multi-layered, multi-density foam filter technology.

They say: “TFS and Custom Foams took the time to learn about our business expectations and, as a result, they are both highly efficient and very easy to work with.”

The course foam caught larger particles first, stopping them clogging or bouncing off finer foam. The mid porosity foam caught the next size of particle down, and the fine foam stopped what remained from getting through. This meant the air flowed stronger for longer.

The finished product delivered improved engine power and torque while giving the engine superior protection from dirt as well as reduced fuel consumption and emissions.

Because the products were hardwearing and washable, the company was also able to offer a lifetime product warranty with each one.

The results





25 Year

Ongoing partnership


multi-layered, multi-density filters created per week

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