Case study: Automotive polishing foam

Technical Foam Services have continued to prove themselves as a first-class supplier of quality polishing and compounding foam pads.

The client

A leading car care company*

The challenge

“Our company is a manufacturer of high-quality polishing liquids, some of which are applied using polyurethane foam pads,” explains our client. They were importing some of their foam from America as well sourcing some from us at Technical Foam Services – as their UK foam converter.

The company wanted to change the way they worked and base operations solely in the UK. But how could they do this when they needed materials from different places?


We wanted a partner in the UK that met all of our performance requirements.


Our solution

Technical Foam Services (TFS) supplied the complete range of finished products, sourcing the composite parts from foam manufacturers in the USA and other countries, so our client only had to deal with one supplier.

“Their understanding of our requirement from the outset was excellent,” say our client. “They quickly proved themselves as a very knowledgeable, capable and reliable company to work with.”


How it worked

We buy all the foam they need for their products from foam manufacturers and suppliers around the world, giving them access to global materials through a single point of contact.

As well as the supply chain being changed, our relationship has grown into a thriving partnership. TFS work directly with the client to test their waxes and other products, as well as helping to develop new lines. We identify the best materials – often ones that are new to the market – source, supply and convert them.

The client explains: “We transferred all our foam business to TFS much quicker than originally anticipated. Since then they have continued to prove themselves as a first-class supplier of quality polishing and compounding foam pads.”

The results

TFS currently supply our client with 500,000 foam applicator pads a year. Our 10-year relationship with this client continues to be a highly successful partnership.

What’s it like to work with us? They say: “We highly recommend TFS to anybody looking for a new supplier of foam pads.”


foam applicator pads a year

10 Year

client relationship

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