Our on site machinery

Find out more about the range of machinery that is situated on-site at our factories in Milton Keynes and Corby.

Foam processing machinery



Block splitter

Our range of stacking and heavy duty splitters enable us to cut polyurethane foams from 12kg/m3 up to 200kg/m3 in thicknesses of 3mm upwards.




Band Knife

Band knives cut foam into rectangular pads and strips. More complex parts can be template and angle cut.


Lamination booths

Laminating of foam, facings and self-adhesive. We select the most suitable method of lamination for each product. Offering a range of self-adhesive and sprayable adhesive systems and processes.




Auto Buffers

We produce one of the largest ranges of polishing and compounding pads; our buffing machines allow a variety of edge profiles, radiuses, rebates, tear drop buffing and fluting. These machiens also produce shaped bath sponges as well




Die-cutting presses

Our range of presses include two travelling head presses, ideal for high volume components; the head rotates to enable the most efficient yield from the material, often gaining in excess of 15% improvement on conventional beam pressing. Stamping gap is reduced and the rate of pressing is much higher than manual presses. However, there is still a place for our beam presses; they are suited to larger and lower volume parts.





Flashcut tables

A CNC die-less knife cutting system using an oscillating blade to cut components. The cutting process gives a straight edge to the parts, avoiding the concavity theat die cut parts can exhibit. Parts are nested within the material and cut without the need for expensive die cutting tools. Parts can be modified by amending cutting programs avoiding additional tooling costs, often shortening the timescale of the development and production process. Acoustic sets are nested and cut all at once if packing in sets is required. Blade depth can be altered so the foam is not cut all the way through if score lines or tear-off/knock out pieces are needed.




Laser cutting

Our laser cutting faciity offers accurate processing of parts even very small components. We can also add lettering and logos to the foam parts.




Milling and grinding machines

A range of equipment that can mill, bore, plunge cut, turn and grind polyurethane foam, rubber and polyethylene foams. We produce balls, wheels, cylinders, blind bored cylinders, print rollers, and cones.




We provide a range of printing services including silk screen printing, laser etching and transfer film.




Sewing Machine

Computer aided sewing machines to pruduce a range of sewn parts, often edge sealing or enhancing bond strength.



Horizontal CNC profiler

The horizontal CNC profiler produces 2 and 3 dimensional foam parts from the whole width or length of the block, allowing parts to be produced over 1 metre in length. Optimal yield is achieved giving cost effective products. Among the components we have produced are acoustic pyramid tiles, wave profiles, cylinders, anechoic wedges, tubes, filter elements and chess pieces.




Automated cutting line

Incorporates a splitter, conveyor system and vertical cnc profiler, ideal for large volume work from rectangles to complex 2D shapes. A block is loaded on the machine which produces finished parts without the need to move between different production stations. Improving efficiency and increasing our ability to handle large volume orders at short notice.




CNC Router

Our CNC router can produce complex 2D and 3D shapes that can’t be produced by die cutting and would otherwise need to be moulded. Presentation case inserts and packaging fitments can be cut to suit the shape of the component. Our machine also has an oscillating blade funtion, enabling it to cut in a similar fashion to our Flash Cutters and to a greater depth.



Egg box profiler

Produces interlocking pairs of foam in egg box profile. The base and rise of the foam can be varied to suit specific requirements. The increased surface area created offers improved filtration and acoustic properties. The sinusidal shape of the profile allows a gradual absorbtion of impact and pressure making it ideal for cushioning applications in packaging.




Drilling machine

A unique machine which produces ink rollers, paint rollers etc, all with totally straight sides and within very tight tolerances (such as +/-0.25mm)


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